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Fulton County Hospital offers a wide variety of diagnostic imaging studies.  We employ highly trained ARRT registered technologists that have a positive outlook and caring attitude, and are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to perform exams on emergency room patients.













Ultrasound:  Our facility uses a GE Vivid 7 Ultrasound machine.  Fulton County Hospital staffs a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 8-4:30 Monday - Thursday.

The following Ultrasounds are available:

  •   Echocardiogram                                         

  •   Carotid Doppler

  •   Pelvic (non-ob)

  •   Abdomen                                                        

  •   Venous Doppler

  •   Arterial Doppler

  •   Thyroid

  •   Scrotum

If you have any questions regarding the Radiology services offered please contact our Radiology Department at (870) 895-6021. 

To schedule an appointment please contact our Outpatient Services department at (870) 895-2691.  Fulton County Hospital offers timely scheduling with great customer service

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