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Hospital Care Swing Bed

Swingbed Room Example

Fulton County Hospital is committed to recovery and care designed for patients no longer requiring acute care hospitalization, but still in need of additional therapy before going home. Fulton County Hospital has incorporated skilled nursing with rehabilitation to help our patients meet their maximum potential prior to leaving our facility. Swing bed patients receive specialized care and recuperate in a caring, personalized environment. Each patient is an individual with a special life and unique needs. Our nurses and therapists help patients focus on their recovery goals to get them home faster and stronger. The length of stay is determined by the patient's needs as recommended by their physician. 

Benefits for Swing Bed patients:

  • Allows more family involvement for support and training when patients are closer to home with decreased travel expense 

  • Opportunities to identify patient needs to ensure a safe and sustainable return home

  • Prevents early readmission to hospitals

  • Allows patients to receive physical therapy in a hospital setting

  • Dietary consultation

  • Licensed nursing care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Physician/nurse practitioner visits

  • Patient/family education

  • IV fluids or other special therapies


For further information please contact our Swing Bed Coordinator at 870-895-2691.

Description of Swing Bed Unit