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Wound Care

Our comprehensive wound care facility has the state-of-the art equipment and highly-trained staff to heal the most stubborn wounds.


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We are the leader in the treatment of outpatient wound care.

Wound Care Specialists is one of the fastest growing outpatient wound care companies in the county, our unique approach and vast experience partnering with all types of healthcare facilities also makes us one of the most successful.

Our partners cut across a wide range of health care facilities including: critical access hospitals, acute care hospitals, long-term care rehabilitation hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.

We care about your health

Since problem wounds rarely result from a single cause, we treat the whole person, not just the wound.

To develop the best treatment plan we consider psychological, social and physical factors. We work closely with your primary care or referring physician to ensure the best possible outcome. We also place a major emphasis on education, teaching you how to care for your injury to enhance the healing process.

Chronic wounds can be the result of diabetes, poor circulation or other medical conditions. A multi-discipline staff of medical professionals administer the latest medical treatment for persistent wounds, as well as educating patients on ways to protect themselves from developing chronic wounds.

Some of the wounds we treat:

Pressure ulcers
Diabetic foot or leg wounds
Lower leg wounds from poor circulation
Arterial ulcers
Infected wounds
Non Healing surgical wounds
Other conditions which could lead to amputation if not treated

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